Every time I go on holiday, I end up writing the same bash script! … I know, how nerdy is that, I code on holidays.

I really should save the script and bring it with me each time, instead I just re-invent the wheel everytime, so I thought I would write a quick post to record it for next time.
Luckily it’s a really simple script to write, all it does is move the photos from my camera’s memory card to the laptop HDD, but it puts them in a sub-directory for that particular day, then sorts the files into a ‘jpg’ or ‘raw’ sub-directory.

The script is quite dumb, it just creates a directory for the current date. On one of the trips, I had the script pull the date the photo was taken from the EXIF information, but when a series of photos goes over mid-night, it splits them up and I didn’t really like that.

Search and replace, vim and git

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Using netrw instead of NERDTree for Vim

Published on December 28, 2016