Multiple Google accounts at once!

So I started my new job and they use Google Apps!
Initially I thought this was fantastic, until I realized that because I also use Google Apps for my personal email, I couldn’t have 2 simultaneous gmail logins (by default).

I found some out-of-date firefox plugins to work around this, but they weren’t very nice, so I just pinned my work gmail as an app tab and left it at that.

Then I noticed a co-worker had about 3 gmail app tabs, and too my surprise it wasnt some dodgy plugin that allowed this, but an official Google solution!

The answer:

This allows you to have multiple Google accounts signed in at once, with a few caveats.
Once enabled, the first account you sign into is your “primary” and behaves normal, the subsequent logins will only work on particular products (gmail is the obvious one) but will work in isolation to your other logins.

I chose my personal account as my primary because things like blogger do not work as a secondary account.. and I don’t have a work-blogger account :P

This is was only really an issue if you want to use a single browser on a computer, as my phones gmail app handles multiple logins fine.