2009 - 2010


In about 9 days, we will be leaving leaving for Tokyo, Japan!

I have always wanted to see Japan partially because its the electronics capital of the world, and I love gadgets :)
Also because so many people have told me what an amazing time they have had when they went there and it has caught my interest ever since.

I wanted to go on this trip now to celebrate finishing my 4 year degree at RMIT. This is really the perfect time for me to go because I just finished uni and resigned from my part time job. Now I have a few months off before starting my new graduate position in 2010 and then its full time work… forever!

Oh yea, and we get to celebrate New Years Eve in Tokyo!! :D

The preparation has been pretty good for this trip. Initially it started as getting estimates for flights, accommodation and living expenses to see if anyone else would be interested in coming along - which we now have about 10 people in our group.
Then came all the research into places to see, things to do, etc. - which was largely due to Amy, who is almost as pedantic as me when it comes to organisation!

So, at this point, I think all we have left to do is to pack and go!! :D
We have organised passports, flights (and seating), accomodation, travel insurance, cash, money on a mastercard, day trip plans, registration with smarttraveller, confirmed medical considerations, formatted my eeepc, setup a wiki (with most of the important info), set up a VoIP account and software and now this blog.

… Now I just have to learn to eat Japanese food :P