2009 - 2010

Day 7


Today is the day Amy has been looking forward to ever since she found out Tokyo has a DisneyLand. Tokyo has both DisneyLand and DisneySea in one huge area. DisneySea is apparently the most expensive theme park in the world!

As usual Amy had it all under control, she knew which train lines to take to get there, prices and even what rides she wanted to go on.
The trains here are really good. We needed to get to the big “Tokyo Station” which has both “Tokyo Metro” lines and “JR” lines. The nearest train station to us is on one of the only lines that doesn’t go to Tokyo station, so we took a train one stop down the line where we could transfer to one that does go to Tokyo station. From there we were off to massive Tokyo station where after a ton of walking (all inside the station) we got to the JR line that goes to DisneyLand.
That sounds pretty complicated, but it is actually really easy to navigate around by train.

The train system (as complicated as it is) impresses me so much. At first glance of the map, you think it is impossible, but with my “Pasmo” (pre-paid train card) in hand and maps on the walls and in the trains, its simple!

We bought 2 day passes (one for each park) and when we actually got inside the gates there were characters everywhere for guests to get photos with, a whole bunch of gift and food shops and a great view of the Disney Castle.

The stores are all expensive and the food stands would mainly only stock a couple of different items, then you would have to go to another stand to get other food.

One of the first things we did was get a good position along the street for the parade. That included a whole bunch of characters and floats marching down the street to music.

After that Sarma and I decided to go do some photography while the others waited in the queue for a ride. They were in the queue for at least 2 hours and we weren’t sure if we had missed them or not, but eventually we met up again and made sure we planned it better for the next time.

I really wanted to get a good shot of the Disney Castle, which I did, but then when night fell, the castle lit up. So as the others queued up for more rides, Sarma and I got to explore the rest of the park and take some night photos.

There was another parade during the night as well, this time the floats were all lit up with very fancy lights. It was called the “Electric Parade” and I think it was alot nicer at night. I took a photo of every float, even if alot of the photos are blurry.

After all this was meant to be a fireworks display, but apparently due to weather conditions, they were canceled. This didn’t make sense to us, as there wasn’t that much wind and it wasn’t raining, but we still missed out.

Just as we were ready to go home, we all lined up for Mickey’s house. Eventually we got in and got a tour of the place, watched some vintage cartoons (mostly in Japanese) and then got to go into a room to get a photo with the very enthusiastic Mickey Mouse himself.

By the time we got home it was pretty late and my feet were throbbing with pain!
I took a shower, then let the bath fill up and just about fell asleep in the bath for a little while. I was so tired, I really didn’t mean to doze off, and all the Disney music playing over and over in my head didn’t help. After that I quickly emptied my memory card from my camera and went to bed only to do it all over again the next day for DisneySea.