2009 - 2010

Day 8


Today was the continuation of yesterday - DisneySea.
This theme park is even bigger than DisneyLand and is apparently the most expensive theme park to create in the world!

We all knew our way to the Disney Gateway and from there we caught a special “Disney Line” train that only has four stops: The Gateway, DisneyLand, DisneySea and the Disney Resort (or something similar to that).

Once we got in the gates, it was as if we were in Italy. There were street performers along the shore of a huge lake and on the otherside of the lake was a massive volcano with smoke coming out and a pirate ship. Coming out of the lake were little rivers with gondola rides and Italian restaurants.

Once again, Rob, Lee, Anthony and Amy all went on the rides while Sarma and I explored this huge park. There were still the standard expensive food carts and restaurants and every now and then we would see Disney characters flood the streets just like in DisneyLand. This park however had these large lakes and rivers that flowed through different “worlds” with the volcano right in the middle.

The pirate ship that we saw was infront the volcano and although it wasn’t a major “world”, it had its own theme. It was docked in front of a medievil castle and had Da Vinci props everywhere. There was the “Da Vinci” challenge with clues, toys, etc. but all in Japanese.

The major “worlds” in the park were:

Mediterranean Harbor

American Waterfront

Lost River Delta

Port Discovery

Mysterious Island

Mermaid Lagoon and Triton’s Kingdom

Arabian Coast

Sarma and I set off to explore the park and planned to meet the others in the Lost River Delta world, which was like the Amazon and had an Indiana Jones ride. After we went through the Mediterranean world and the Old New York “American Waterfront” world headed over to the pirate ship where people we gathering. After talking to a guide, we found out that Mickey Mouse was going to give a New Years welcome and there was going to ge a big parade on the water, so we stayed to watch that.

Mickey giving his message wasn’t that great, but the parade was amazing!
There was an island in the middle with huge water jets and jet skis making patterns in the water to music while these big floats paraded around the Mediterranean Bay with fireworks and flame throwers. There were also these massive kites that filled the sky doing somersaults that were attached to speeding jet-skis. It was very impressive and well choreographed.

As this took longer that we expected, we thought we may have missed the others at the Lost River Delta, so we headed there and started exploring the nearby worlds. These included the Amazon, a futuristic water-world looking place and Aladdin’s Arabian home.

Then after getting food and lots of photos, amazing we saw Robert and Amy in the middle of a crowd of thousands! Luckily we were both looking for each other in the same rough area! We met up, good some more food and went to go watch the night show.

The night show was pretty good too. Apparently it was a love story between a fire spirit and a water spirit. This all took place in the Mediterranean Bay as well and the water spirit was a huge (moving) water fountain that was shaped like a lady, and the fire spirit was a massive bird looking robot on fire.
The whole bay had flame throwers for the fire spirit and huge glowing water jet displays for the water spirit.

After the show was meant to be a “fireworks extravaganza”, but it was a bit of a let down. I was expecting the fireworks over the bay like in the shows, but instead it was on top of a big building, and they weren’t that impressive. It still looked ok, but our view was not the best.

Sarma could barely control his shivering again and I was tired so as it was pretty late, we went back to the hotel while the others went back for more rides.