Kuala Lumpur and Hong Kong


Almost ready!

So in about 2 and half days I’ll be boarding my plane for Kuala Lumpur!

The excitement actually kicked in today. This will be my first time traveling solo, but I’ll only be alone for 3 nights before meeting Michelle in Hong Kong. I figured 3 days is a nice soft introduction to the traveling solo thing before potentially going on extended trips like this in the future.

I’ve just about got everything organised. The only things left to do are finishing packing my bag and get some Malaysian Ringgits as my CBA Travel Money card doesn’t support that currency :(

I’ve printed all my documents, have my custom maps with all the places I want to see marked out. I’ve worked out the way I’m getting from the airport to the hotel.
I’ve prepared any medication I (could) need to bring, formatted my netbook and installed VoIP software (Ekiga & Skype) to phone home, photography software (Picasa, The Gimp) and configured my browsers :P …yes, I’m a nerd!

… and the count down is on! :D