Kuala Lumpur and Hong Kong


Day 1

Got to Melbourne airport early yesterday morning to get some crappy Maccas breakie. Eventually got airborne after some minor delays and unfortunately got seated next to a guy that was bigger than me, and therefore hogged the arm rest :P But apart from not being able to sit perfectly straight, the flight was pretty good. Just needed a bit more food, haha.

Finally got to KL Airport at LCCT where had a passport check, picked up my luggage and walked through the non-existent customs check, but there were gaurds holding quite scary looking machine guns so I guess that makes up for it! I would have taken a photo, but I value my life too much :P

Bought a ticket for the “AeroBus” that took me from LCCT to KL Sentral for 8 Ringgits (under $3). This ~$3 trip took what felt like an hour and we went through 3 toll gates.. talk about value for money!

On the bus I bumped into another Melbournite named Neem (which is a Hindu name) and ended up having a chat. He was on his way to India to do a Buddhism retreat for a few weeks which included 11 hours of meditation a day!

At KL Sentral, I was so hungry and couldn’t find anything but hungry Jacks and Macca’s. I was actually in line at Macca’s and I thought there had to be some more authentic food places around and eventually found this place:

I asked the lady for something not hot, and she gave me something hot, lol. but then kindly swapped it for free! :) The first meal (left) was a hot “Laksa” or something (lol, no idea) and then got replaced with the meal on the right. The drink is a Orange, Apple and Carrot crush thing - was pretty good :)

From there I got a taxi from KL Sentral to my hotel for about $4 or so. Checked into my hotel where the staff were really friendly. I requested a non-smoking “superior” (aka standard) room, but they didn’t have any left, so they upgraded me to a premium room! Score! Very fancy and incredibly spacious!

Called home, washed up and went to bed after a long day! Not a bad first day :)