Kuala Lumpur and Hong Kong


Day 2

Today I slept in a little and slowly made my way down to the hotels buffet breakfast. As usual, the breakfast spread was massive! They had eggs, toast, bread, fruit, Yoghurt, rice, vegetables, etc.

After breakfast I went to the convenience store across the road and picked up some snacks. Alot of cheap knock off’s avoiding copyright laws: Oreos became Stereos, Pocky became Rocky

Dropped them off at the hotel, packed my bag and went off to explore.
First stop was Jalan Bukit Bintang - which I knew had lots of shops.
I eventually came across Plaza Low Yat and was very impressed!
Its a multilevel building full of electronic stores! Enough to get lost in - at least for me.

I ended up getting a backpack for my camera gear for just under $80 (RM 230), it has a side loading panel for my camera, a strap to hold a tripod and plenty of compartments for lenses, etc.

Before I bought it, I went back to my hotel to get my tripod and macro lens, which was good because I wanted to see if I could get another hood for the lens, and I wanted the tripod for a night shot of the Petronas Towers, but bad because I couldn’t be bothered making another trip back to the hotel, so I carried 2 bags and a tripod all day :(

I got some food and left Plaza Low Yat again, but by now it was raining quite heavily, so I took a taxi from there to KLCC to check out KLCC Aquaria.

The aquarium was pretty cool. I got to see a piranha feeding show and plenty of scary looking spiders, scorpions, etc. but the coolest thing for me was the underwater tunnel. As you slowly get pulled along the conveyor belt your surrounded by massive sharks, stingrays and colourful fish - it was quite well done.

After that I walked through the Convention Centre and headed underground to the KLCC Concourse - which is an underground tunnel that links the Convention Centre with KLCC Suria - a big shopping centre.

KLCC Suria was pretty big and kinda reminded me of a cross between Melbourne Central and Highpoint. It was pretty big, but for me wasn’t nearly as interesting as Plaza Low Yat.

The rain eventually stopped and  headed out to get some shots of the Petronas towers. I did want a night shot, but I couldn’t be bothered waiting around any longer.

After this I was going to head to KL Tower, but I couldn’t really find a taxi that wasn’t going to rip me off, so I started walking and took stroll through the KLCC Parks and Gardens. This was probably a bad idea as I was still carrying too much and by this stage my feet were in a lot of pain - shouldn’t have worn thongs :(

Took me a while, but when I got out of the park I got another shot of the towers from a distance, but there was not a taxi in sight, so I kept walking. Finally found a hotel and got a taxi from there.

By the time I got home, I was so tired, I fell asleep.
Then I woke up and wrote this! :)

…Now I’m going to bed