Kuala Lumpur and Hong Kong


Day 7

This morning got up and made it to breakfast, this time with my camera!

Today Michelle had a “casting appointment” with a modelling agency, so she was frantically getting ready for that while I started planning out how to spend the rest of our time here.

The time is going by so quickly and there is only about 5 days left! So I wrote a list of the things left to do and see and made a rough schedule to maximise the last of our time.

I saw Michelle off to a taxi and I headed to the HK Botanical and Zoological Gardens. Perfect time as Michelle isn’t keen on this sort of thing :P
I caught a train to Central and walked to the gardens. The walk was all up hill and quite steep, by the end of it I needed a drink and then started walking through the park. It is all very scenic, even the surrounding area, but I wasn’t as impressed with this as the parks in KL.

Most of the animals were behind bars and we couldn’t walk in to any of the cages or aviaries, so no great shots there. The big water feature in the middle was turned off and reptile cage was pretty empty. That said it was still nice to walk around and take in the scenery.

By this stage Michelle had finished with her appointment and I met her at the gardens. From there we headed towards Central station to get some snacks before heading back to Kowloon.

We got back to Kowloon and I spoke to a couple more tailors to compare the prices of getting a suit made. The first guy I spoke to was near our hotel, and he charged $350 AUD for the suit jacket, pants, shirt and tie. I paid around $150 AUD in Thailand and was very happy, so I thought I would compare with a few others. The next tailor was pretty good, friendly and had good prices (around $230 AUD for the suit, plus about $35 for shirts). The next one was dodgy! Wouldn’t answer our questions directly, so we took a card and ran out of there.

After getting some Haagen Dazs we headed back to our hotel. We actually got lost! Couldn’t work out where we were on Nathan road. This confusion was basically because we were on the wrong side of the road and didn’t recognize anything, haha.
We eventually got home and Michelle was ready to cark it, so I called home for a bit and headed out to have a chat with tailor number 2.

As I walked past tailor number 1, I got pulled in by the salesman, who was now actually promoting another tailor next door! I asked him to beat the price I was given from tailor number 2 and he did, so I checked out some examples, picked my materials and he measured me up and took my money. I now have an appointment tomorrow to get a first cut measurement.
This guy, although not really enthusiastic, is the most convenient as its only a couple of door down from the hotel.
Unfortunately he is located next to a tailor I turned down, but apart from the guilt trip it seems alright.

On the way back I got a half hour back massage, which was not the greatest massage. I think the massage person specializes in another sort of massage, which I was NOT in the market for, but I guess thats the sort of quality you get for a $20 massage. Thailand is better for massages and suits so far :P

When I got home, Michelle and I headed to the harbour to check out The Symphony of Lights display. It was alright, but not as good as I was expecting. From what we could see was nice, but it seemed like there would have been alot more from the photos and descriptions I’ve seen elsewhere. When our taxi driver took us there, we went over some bridge, so Michelle and I both thought we were on HK Island, turns out we were actually in Kowloon, which is meant to have the better view, so I guess we just had high expectations.

Along the harbour there are heaps of photographers that will take a shot of you in front of the water and city scape and print in on the spot. So we had to get one!

After realizing we were actually on the Kowloon side, we went to find somewhere to eat. We ended up at “Cafe de Coral”, where you buy your food at one counter and pick it up on the other side of the food court - a bit weird, but it was alright.

From there we wondered around the harbour for a bit and walked back to our hotel with some stops along the way for photos, snacks and stalls. Michelle bought a Kimono and a bunch of girly make up stuff from Sasa.
Sasa is like a massive priceline, but they are on every corner! Just from the station to our hotel (which takes less than 5 minutes to walk) there are 3 of them! Naturally Michelle was in heaven and spent a bit of time stocking up on eye lash curlers and applicators and all that other girly stuff :P

When we got back to the hotel, we caught up on emails and I started writing out this blog. Michelle has been trying to go outside to smoke because I complained so much :P (Thanks Mish) so I went out to keep her company.
The funny part was that she couldn’t be bothered getting changed from her pyjamas so it looked pretty damn funny when we sat at a bar with people in suits! Got a good laugh! :)