Kuala Lumpur and Hong Kong


Day 9

Yesterday was a pretty big day and so naturally we slept in quite late.
When we eventually got up I started looking into Macao. When we were at Julia’s wedding, I was having a chat with Sheeta, one of Julia’s cousins and her partner Balu (not sure on the spelling there). We were talking about a show in Macao that was created by the same people as Cirque De Soleil and is supposedly underwater and pretty impressive.

I looked up this show and it is actually called The House of Dancing Water and is created and directed by Franco Dragone, who was a major director for Cirque De Soleil. The cheapest tickets are $380 HKD, which works out to be about $53 Australian. The only tickets that were at this price, available and allowed Michelle and I to sit next to each other was on Sunday at 8:00PM - the day before we leave. I eventually talked Michelle into going and we agreed to book it!

Soon after that we headed out to the street as Michelle was in search of H&M for some clothes shopping. Following the conversation we had with Brian and Cellia and asking the locals, we discovered Canton Street. This street is kind of like the “Paris-end” of Collins Street in Melbourne with all the big name brand shops, etc.

I had a quick look around and actually did like a bit of the clothes there, but as I hadn’t eaten yet, my hunger was stronger than my need for shopping (not surprising I guess). I left Michelle there and headed next door to get some food.

I ordered a Singaporean dish (cant remember the name) with coconut rice and chicken. It was pretty good, but I left the chilli on the side and the guy next to me was actually Singaporean and told me I should be mixing the chilli in to the rice. I gave it ago, but I still really don’t like chilli, haha.
I spent a bit of time having a chat and it turns out he goes to Australia once a year for a fishing trip with his friends to a fishing town outside of Perth. We were exchanging stories when to my surprise I got a call from Michelle telling me she was finished.

I headed back to H&M and got some fashion advice from the expert on some jackets I was interested in, but the roles had really reversed by this time. Michelle was feeling a bit sick and wanted to go, and I wanted to stay longer and buy a jacket. I kept it brief and bought one and we started heading home.

Once we got back to the familiar territory of Nathan Road and Michelle was comfortable enough to get back to the hotel so she could go to sleep, we parted ways and I went to checkout the TST Ferry Terminal to get to Macao and check out the rest of this area.

I got some food walked around for a bit and found the ferry terminal, which form the outside is quite subtle, from the inside on the first floor however was completely different. It was like the elevator took me from the city straight to the airport! There was a luggage terminal, passport checks and everything.

I searched for some sort of information desk and found one for Macao, got prices and a schedule and headed back to the hotel. It would cost around $360 HKD (around $50) for a late return trip by ferry from TST to Macao. The transport from Hong Kong Island is a bit more frequent, so this will be our backup plan.

On the way home I was looking at the map on my phone and realised that we walked the long way, and also that the only thing separating our hotel from this area of TST was a big park, which is aptly named Kowloon Park. I decided to check it out and see if it actually was a quicker route.
Walking through was a bit strange. There were some quiet areas with couples enjoying their night, there was another area with (what sounded like) salesmen, and there was even people practising Kung Fu. The park has a water feature, an aviary (which I didn’t get to see in person, just from the map), a sculpture garden and even a hedge maze!
I took a few snaps and exited the park directly across the road to were we normally exit the MTR station.

When I got home Michelle was feeling much better and so we headed over to Joe’s Billiard Bar to play some pool and have another chat with Man. Stayed there for a bit then went home to relax and do yesterday’s blog - which meant another late night (yesterdays blog took a while).