Kuala Lumpur and Hong Kong


Day 10

We spent a little bit of time to plan out how to spend the rest of our time here in Hong Kong and today was was not going to be very busy for me. There was 2 things planned for today: Julia is due back to Hong Kong for today only before she flies back to America and Michelle had a casting appointment in Central with one of the biggest modelling agencies in Asia -“Starz People”.

We headed to Central for lunch to minimise the possibilities of getting lost. We were both surprised how many westerners there are in this area.We ended up asking a some Aussie business people where we could find a good dim sum place and got some directions to Treasure Lake Restaurant.

After lunch I looked up where this modelling place is and we started walking there. We got there a bit early so we grabbed a coffee and then I wished Michelle good luck and left her to her interview and I started exploring the Soho Central area.

Soho is really nice! It is really hilly and it is full of restaurants, bars and small little boutique shops. Some the walks are so steep there is an escalator to get up, but not down - I guess down is easier!
This shot was taken later, and doesn’t show the escalators, but it does give a little bit of an idea how steep everything was..

Nearby the modelling agency there is a fresh food market so I started walking through there and saw a lot of locals picking up (what looked like) really fresh vegetables, fruit, seafood, meat and just about anything you could think of! Not quite as many westerners here as in the business district.

I kept walking around and followed the tourist signs to the Man Mo Temple. I wasn’t allowed to take photos in here, but there was so much insence it made my eyes sting! It was pretty cool to see, they had insence candles of every size and shape, including some pretty big spirals hanging from the cieling.

After that I kept walking around and found were all the bars were. Some of them looked pretty fancy - considering the next street had some pretty old looking houses - pretty big contrast.

It was approaching the 1 hour Michelle needed for the interview so I messaged her and headed back to the agency. I was waiting outside the building when Michelle approached me from the street. She was already out and was with some local guy. Turns out he is a photographer and spotted Michelle from his window and rushed out to ask her if he could take photos of her. Naturally Michelle was flattered :)

His name is David Wong and he seemed like a nice guy. Michelle had already been up to his shop, but they came to get me, so I followed along and he let us look through his portfolio. The shots were very nice. Michelle and David had a chat and set up an appointment to do a photo shoot.

After talking with David Wong for a bit we headed back to the streets of Soho to find a restaurant for lunch. We went to what looked like a cool cafe/bar, which ended up to be a Nepalese restaurant. I ordered a fairly simple meat dish, but I had to ask it was spicy. It wasn’t actually hot, but Nepalese, Indian, etc. is one cuisine that I haven’t really found anything I really enjoy. The meal had a lot of flavour, but I wasn’t big on it.

It was quite an eventful dinner in terms of scenery, we saw a newly wed couple (or so we assumed) getting there photos done, which looked kind of funny because they were just walking along holding hands, etc. and there was one guy running ahead with a flash on a pole and a photographer running circles around them. There was also a lot of people walking their dogs. Michelle fell in love with one of them, its not very common in Australia to see a dog like this..

After that we thought we would check out Wan Chai on the advice of David Wong. Wan Chai was where we were originally going to get our hotel. We walked back to the main steet in Central and asked some locals how to get there. The best way was by tram so we found a tram and jumped on. We weren’t sure where to get off the tram so I asked someone on the tram too. The person we asked was really friendly. Her name was Diana and she kinda told us that theres not too much to do in Wan Chai and recommended Causeway Bay, or if we had alot of time, we should go see Stanley. We thought Causeway Bay would be nice to check out properly as we had only really been there for the wedding.

From Causeway Bay we messaged Julia and decided to meet at Times Square, so we looked around and spent some time at a fancy coffee shop, then met Julia. There was some cool looking art work out the front of Time Square, so we took some photos and started walking around.

There was also a couple of people all dressed up cosplay style! Nothing like Japan, but still worth taking a photo of.

This meeting with Julia was pretty significant as this would probably be the last time Michelle and Julia would get to spend time together before she goes to America. Another thing on the list of things to do was Lan Kwai Fong - which is a night life area on Hong Kong Island. This seemed pretty fitting due to the circumstances, so we caught the MTR to Central and went to Lan Kwai Fong for a drink or two.

Lan Kwai Fong was pretty cool! It was like a bigger, more busy version of Knutsford Terrace. We ended up drinking at a place called Coconuts. Looking at there cocktails menu, I thought I start off with a girly drink to celebrate, so I ordered some fruity vodka martini thing, which was actually really nice. The funny thing was Julia ordered a beer and got a pint! So I felt like the roles were reversed here :P

As it turns out Julia couldn’t drink her beer, so we ended up swapping anyway.
The bar was nice and we could just relax and chat. the problems arised when they brought out a second round without asking, then they stuffed up the bill and overcharged Julia’s card, but apart from that, it was a nice night.

After a few laughs we had to part ways as Julia had an early flight, so we walked back to the MTR station. The farewell was so dramatic! Julia got a bit emotional and I did get some photos of the event, but I promised I wouldn’t post them up. We wished Julia all the best and sadly parted ways.