Singapore and Kuala Lumpur

2011 - 2012

Day 14

Kuala Lumpur to Melbourne

We got up bright and early this morning to do some last minute packing and exchanging of photos and had our last buffet breakfast at the hotel. We made it down stairs to the lobby by 9:00 AM as expected, but there was a problem with our taxi booking. We ended up leaving about half an hour later than planned, but luckily we left plenty of time this time around and the hotel staff said we would be fine.

The taxi driver finally arrived and mysteriously managed to put our 3 suitcases in the boot in such a way that he couldn’t shut the boot, but they were secure and unlike the last budget taxi we took, there was no rope holding our bags. Anthony was nervous about our bags falling out, but we arrived at LCCT safely and so did our luggage.

The airport was fairly quiet and we were able to go straight to the check in machine, scan our itinerary and get in queue for the baggage drop. The baggage drop queue only had 2-3 people in front of us so we zoomed through that and went through to the departure lounge to get some food and do a little bit of blogging on the free airport wifi.

Unlike the the massive Changi Airport in Singapore, LCCT was a lot quieter and allowing 3 hours before our flight (as recommended) meant we had plenty of time to kill. It felt like the whole airport was full of Aussies and when we were at our gate it already felt like we were home.

To board our flight, the large crowd of passengers followed an airport assistant across the tarmac. It looked like a massive un-organised crowd, but it worked just fine. Anthony looked back at the mass of people behind us and started singing “Who let the yobs out”.

We left KL’s 30-40 degree weather and had an 8 hour journey to Melbourne, where we arrived at midnight where the weather was a cool 14 degrees. Anthony was over the moon that he was back in his usual climate and we managed to get through Melbourne airport quite quickly too - there wasn’t many people at the airport at midnight.

We got to use the electronic passport gates - which have apparently been there for 2 years, but this was the first time I had ever used them, so that was new.

We all went with Amy through the “something to declare” line so she could get her wooden masks checked and before we knew it we were outside and ready for bed!

The trip was finally over and we all had a great time!
Now due to the dodgy Nando’s we said our goodbyes and all needed to get to a toilet - good times :)