2012 - 2013

Day 15

Coming home

Sadly, we leave Japan today.

There were no plans for today, just a few last minute things here and there, check out of our hotel and head to the airport.

Rob F decided that he wanted some more souvenirs from Studio Ghibli because one of the things he had intended on getting, he left at the shop, so he got up early that morning and made his way out there by himself. We planned to meet him later that day in Akihabara.

We checked out of our hotel at 11:00 AM and did our last run to the local Family Mart. Having a convenience store and/or vending machines on every corner is really incredible and it’s one of the things that we’ll probably miss the most, let alone the weird and wonderful variety, like “Hot lemonade”, “Vitamin C”, “Chocolate Thickshake”, “Corn soup” and “Bean drink”. It was pretty cool to be able to get hot tea at any corner in the cold weather!

I think my “Guide to Tokyo” still holds pretty true even after two years had past.

Robert and Sarah had also gone shopping that morning, so after checking out we stored our luggage at the hotel and went for our last walk down to Akihabara with Jono and my parents. Rob ended up getting back from Studio Ghibli earlier than we had anticipated, so he met us there and we all headed back to the hotel to wait for Robert and Sarah.

When they got there, Robert led us to the airport and we said good bye to Japan!
While we were at the airport, there was a nice sunset, which was pretty fitting for the occasion and we boarded our flight home.

Japan is really an amazing place to visit and I highly recommend it, there’s something for everyone!