Cook Islands


Day 1

Sleep and Struggle

Today I slept in until 3pm! I was exhausted! It’s all catching up with me. Every time I woke up the soothing sound of the rain outside would put me back to sleep. I ended up staying in bed for quite a while and started reading the material in the hotel that explained the services available and some facts about the area including what to do and where to eat.

There was also wifi available at the hotel, but it cost $9 for 30MB! This didn’t bother me too much because part of my goal for this trip was to disconnect and properly relax, so I wanted to stay off the internet anyway and with prices like that, it wasn’t hard to avoid!

By this time I was starting to get hungry, but because I had basically slept the whole day, by the time I left it was already dark and still raining outside.

The book said there was places to get food to the left or right of the hotel. I picked right, walked for a while in the dark and rain with an umbrella. There were quite a few dogs barking at me as I went past. Not quite the image I had in mind for a nice Island holiday.

Eventually I found an inn, but could only see accommodation rooms not the restaurant, so I turned around and started heading back. On the way back, I saw a person smoking outside their house and asked them for directions to somewhere I could eat. Turns out just to the left of the hotel was a small shop and they had a cafe, so I headed back.
They had a minimum $20 so I ordered a seafood platter and a coke. It was fairly greasy, but I was too hungry to care.

The little hut’s roof was leaking from everywhere, but I sat up against the counter with the company of a cat and some terrible American reality TV show.

I spoke to a local who spent 18 years in Melbourne but is back home with his family. He told me how it is possible to survive without jobs here because they live off the land, but that said most people still need an income. He worked at the airport doing luggage stuff. He also recommended trying the traditional BBQ where they cook food underground.