Day 2

Made it to our hotel jetlagged and all. So decided to have a nap then head to a Boulangerie for some carby goodness!

Steve’s first crouque monsiour.. although a little mustardy then he would have liked 🙄

Hotel ibis budget Paris La Villette
by walking

Train strikes were on so we decided to walk and explore Montemarte as well as burn off those pastries along the way 😜

There was a little market happening just outside the church so we went for a walk through. There were mostly small food stalls, we ended up buying a little cup of fresh strawberries, they were really nice!

This part of Paris is quite nice, the buildings have a particular look to them with shutters around the windows and flower pots hanging from the balconies. We continued walking around for a bit before heading home and getting some water and snacks for the hotel.

Finally made it home and unfortunately jetlag has set in so while Steve is fast asleep I’m trying to stay up as long as I can to sleep through the night!