Day 3

Today is wedding day! Bec’s friends Mel and Edu are getting married here in Paris and we were lucky enough to join in the celebration.

After getting a very early night (crashed at 5pm with jetlag) we got up early and found a boulangerie for breakfast and then headed back to the hotel to prepare for the wedding. Luckily the hotel had an iron we could borrow and I could get the major creases out my shirt from the suitcase.

The first stop on the wedding itinerary was the town hall for the civil ceremony. The artwork inside was very intricate and there was a French celebrant who officially married them.

One thing I haven’t seen at a wedding before was a mozzarella bar. There was a chef serving four different types of mozzarella and a bunch of other Mediterranean foods, he would even take the time to present them nicely on everyone’s plate with fresh herbs and olive oil.

As an ice breaker we were all handed a mission on a piece of paper when we arrived. Bec’s was to take a photo doing a “youyou” with someone from North Africa and mine was to take a photo with a musician as if we were playing together.

Other people had missions like “take a photo with 2 Australians pretending to be koalas”, “take a kawaii photo with an Australian who can speak Japanese” and “take a photo surfing with 2 Australians”. This was a fun way to get to know people. I attempted to draw in a surf board but it turned out more like a banana 😅

We took a bunch of photos with the group and then had a couple of hours to relax before the dinner and dancing part of the event so walked around the park and then headed back to the hotel to relax for a bit

After a little rest in the hotel we headed back to Pavillon de luc for the reception. Some of Mel’s friend’s and family had set up the tables beautifully while we had rest. I loved the little Mel and Edu holding flag’s that were napkin holders 😍

Finally what a way to end a wedding into the wee hours of the morning by dancing. We left about 1am but true French style quite a few stayed on until early morning! Steve had some pretty cool moves 😜