Day 4

Today Mel and Edu were hosting a post-wedding picnic and it was the perfect day for it, the best weather we’ve seen and it’s apparently quite unusual for such great weather at this time of the year.

Everyone was bringing something to the picnic so we thought we’d get the typical French baguette and cheese from the grocery store out the front of our accommodation but it was closed on Sundays along with most of the bakeries!

We walked down the street and eventually found one that was open (they are on every corner here so it didn’t take too long, although most of them were closed) and bought our baguette, a croissant for the road and a couple of sweet pastries but didn’t have any cheese to go with it.

Luckily we came across a market on the way that was just finishing up and we got a nice big slab of brie just in time.

This photo of us rushing down the street with bakery goods looking for cheese sums up our morning pretty well, haha

The picnic was in Parc de la Villette, a really nice park along the canal. Everyone brought deliciously fresh food, there were lots of different breads, cheeses, meats and fruits, yet another feast!

The tomatoes taste like real tomatoes, the strawberries were perfectly soft and full of flavour and the bread was crusty on the outside and fluffy on the inside. The quality of the food here is spectacular!

The group are all incredibly friendly, I’ve never met any of them and we were all like one big, happy, multi-cultural family gathering from all over the world.

After the picnic, on Edu’s advice, we continued to walk down the canal along the way to our hotel, it’s a really nice area and the weather was perfect.

The canal is home to a bunch of very popular restaurants, some of which were recommended to us but we were so full from lunch that we just walked along the water enjoying the scenery.

There is a big mechanical bridge that rises up to let boats through which looked pretty cool and a sandy area along the canal where people play games so we just sat along there and watched for a bit before heading back home to drop off some stuff and have a quick nap then head out to explore the canal a bit more.

After a nap it was a little hard to get going again but it was still nice weather outside and the sun doesn’t set until 9:30pm here so we were fine once we started walking around.

We walked in the other direction along the canal and admired some of the street art, nice old buildings and the little bridges over the water. We eventually got to the station and worked out how to buy tickets to get to the Eiffel Tower.

We arrived at the perfect time for photos, the sun had just started to set and the sky was a nice blue colour. This also meant we got to see the tower during the day and lit up at night.

Security is a bit higher now than last time Bec was here but after lining up and having a security guard search our bags we entered the main area to get our photos. We decided not to go up to the viewing area mainly because we were pretty tired by this stage and the queue was quite long! But it was nice just waking around and taking on the views.