Day 5

We started our day with a lovely breakfast at Mel and Edu’s apartment indulging on the lovely bread and crossaints. It was about a 15 min walk from our hotel so we got there early and then June, Geoff and Vanessa joined later. It was lovely to see Mel and Edu’s recently renovated place and also to just catch up a little more. After a few hours and full of baguette we headed off on our way to Notre Dame.

On our way to Notre Dame we happened to stumble by a crepe place called Quasimodo! Nutella crepes was one of the things Steve wanted to eat in Paris so we had to get one en route to Notre Dame!

We made it to Notre Dame and the line moved pretty quick to get inside. It was a great opportunity to play around with the lenses Steve bought and admire the amazing architecture of the church. We would have liked to checkout Quasimodo’s hood but unfortunately there didnt seem to be any tours to go to the bell tower.

Next stop the Lourve where we had to take the mandatory tourist pic holding the Lourve! But before we arrived at the Lourve we decided we needed a stop to people watch and of course have a charcuterie and cheese board 🐷

To end the day we decided to rest in the beautiful Jardin de Tuileries. It had been a pretty long day so finding a bench and laying in shade was a perfect end to the day 😍