Day 12

Today we were heading to Sorrento and flying into Naples. But before we left Sicily we had a big breakfast family feast 😍. Salvatore and Carmella came by the house to take us to Salvatore’s sister’s house Pina for breakfast. Carmella picked up Nonna along the way. There was a lot of cheese, bread, omelette, pastries and home made apple marmalade. What a lovely way to finish our wonderful time in Sicily. Pina brought out an album of their trip to Australia years ago when Steve was only a teenager! After a quick and wholesome breakfast we did a family photo and said our goodbyes before heading to the airport.

We finally arrived at the stop and we realised that my luggage was missing the padlock and one of the zips! The bag looked like it had stayed closed and all of my belongings were still there but because the zipper was missing this means i can’t lock it anymore! Our only guess is that the lock had been damaged in transit, broke off and took one of the zips with it! Now I need to either buy a new bag or find some way of locking it before the next flight to Spain in 5 days. Pretty sure with the help of some cable ties I can lock it but this is not ideal.

Carrying on we met our Airbnb host who took us to our small but cute apartment with a great view. It has panoramic views from the kitchen and a tiny staircase leading up from the bedroom, then another tiny staircase leading down to a small outdoor dining area. The bathroom is really small, it has a toilet, bidet and sink but because there is no room for a shower they just made the whole room a shower by putting a drain in, a curtain to cover up the sink (and the toilet paper) and a shower head in the ceiling. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a toilet in the shower until now!

Made it to Catania airport. We were both pretty tired as had only 4 hours sleep due to St George’s festival in Ragusa last night meaning we only got back around 2am. We said our goodbyes and how touched we were by the wonderful family and off to Naples we went.

After a short 40min flight we arrived in Naples and followed the instructions of our Airbnb host in Sorrento. We needed to find a bus called Curreri that would take us to Sorrento. After walking around outside the airport we asked people and found the bus Curreri but the driver was sleeping inside. We assumed it was because the bus wasn’t leaving for another hour. We waited around talked to some NZ tourists who were heading to Amalfi. It was approaching 2:30pm so we waited for the bus driver to wake up. He saw us and came out to tell us we were at the wrong spot. We had been waiting at the parking spot for those buses not the departure point. With 10mins left before the next departure we rushed to the front of the airport where we found the bus full of people and thankfully got on!

by airplane
by bus

We then rested up and decided to walk into town about 20 mins to a recommended restaurant by Fabrizzio (our Airbnb host) which was really nice. We overloaded on carbs but it was worth it! Pizza, calzone, octopus and of course their amazing olive oil, balsamic vinegar and fresh bread. We also got free “pizza bread” and limoncello! We then walked around the town to digest and check out before we head to Positano tomorrow.