Day 13

Today we had a 10:00am checkout but I think I may have eaten too much yesterday because I felt a bit sick in the stomach this morning. We prepared our stuff and started walking in to town.

First stop was the chemist, I wanted to have some medicine ready to go just in case things got worse on the long bus rides today and the next stop was somewhere to buy cable ties! As this luggage had somehow broken yesterday I’m not able to lock it security, although it is still closable which is good.

We couldn’t really find any shop that would sell this but we stopped at a fruit shop to get some water and snacks and asked them, they kindly directed us to a hardware store down a side street and I bought a pack of cable ties!

Together with a spare padlock that Bec had, I was able to work out a way of locking up the bag by fixing it to the zip of the expandable section of the bag, hopefully this lasts until I get home! I’m also thinking about wrapping that section of the bag so it doesn’t get caught on anything in transit.

We continued walking over to the station and got in a pretty long line for the bus. There were people everywhere and it was a little confusing to work out which bus to take and which stop to get off at. We asked the guy directing people to buses about the stop we needed and he said it was the first stop on this bus. Then when we finally boarded the bus, we asked the driver and she said it was the second stop. This was a little confusing but we got on and managed to get seats right before it completely filled up, it was packed!

After about a 45 minute drive we stopped and it seemed like a couple of people may have got off but we couldn’t see through all the people crowded on the bus and assumed it must be the second stop we needed. We then passed the building we were supposed to arrive at and realised it probably was the first stop after all!

Everyone got off at the next stop but there wasn’t really anywhere to stand, so everyone just stood on the side of the narrow road. There were quite a few people confused about where to go at this point. I was still feeling sick but Bec was on the ball! She spoke to the traffic director and a local shop owner and worked out we had two options: buy some local bus tickets for €1.50 x 2 and wait 45 minutes with the crowd of people on the side of the road until it arrives or spend €35 on a taxi and wait 10 minutes for it to arrive. Because I was feeling sick, there were a lot of people and we were lugging around our suitcases, we choose the taxi which was much easier!

by bus
by taxi

The taxi took us to the town of Nocelle which is East of the main town of Positano and took us about half an hour to get through the winding mountain roads. When we arrived, the driver directed us to some stairs. There were a lot of stairs! We carried out suitcases down the many sets of stairs until finally reaching our villa.

We are staying at Villa La Quercia and the view from our room is amazing! When we arrived, our hosts explained how to get around town, the keys, wifi password and showed us to our room.

After aking in the view for a bit, I had a little nap to ease my headache and then we sat out on the balcony eating fruit and Sicilian almonds for the rest of the afternoon.

We asked our host if they could make a reservation at the one and only restaurant in Nocelle for 7pm which was about a 1 minute walk away. Good thing we made the booking because we got a table right at the window with the same beautiful view as our room. Soon after we arrived, the restaurant completely filled up.

We ordered insalata caprese and an antipasto platter for appetizers and we got some bread and grilled vegetables on the house. For mains Bec got the daily special which was a seafood pasta and I got the gnocchi after reading a good review online. We also got a tempura style dish with squid, shrimp and vegetables.

The walk back back through the town was really nice, much better when we’re not carrying our bags! There were a few friendly cats and dogs roaming around and the lights along the paths were nice.