Day 14

On our first morning in Nocelle, Positano we woke up to a beautiful sunny day. We headed down to the terrace at our bnb for breakfast. Although the breakfast was simple (crossaint was stale and didn’t compare to Paris!) the view was amazing and we just continued to chill on the terrace after breakfast.

After breakfast we got ready to go for a walk down the ~1500 steps to the main road to Positano but before heading off made a quick call home and also took a few snaps/clips with the drone around our beautiful villa.

The view is so nice from up here I thought it would be nice from the drone, some of the videos turned out nice (but I can’t upload them here).

The hike down had really nice views of Positano along with quite a few nice villas and random animals. There were quite a few people doing this walk too but my knees weren’t liking all the giant sized steps very much so we went fairly slow.

Once we reached the end of the path we arrived at the main road. From here there was supposed to be another path down to a small beach but unless it was down a private villa driveway, we couldn’t find it so we just followed the road into Positano.

We walked around the town and realised just how much busier it was here compared to our tranquile mountain villa. There are lots of touristy shops and crowds!

One common theme here was lemons! Every corner we looked at had some reference to lemons, it must be what this area is famous for!

After getting an ice cream and sitting by the beach for a bit we worked out how to catch the bus up rather than do the big climb up the mountain and found somewhere to buy groceries for a quiet dinner tonight, a big 6 pack of water and some delicious hazelnut chocolate. We managed to get them just in time to catch the bus.

We decided to relax for dinner at our bnb and made dinner from the groceries we bought at Positano town. We had prociutto, buffalo mozeralla, sun dried tomatoes and rolls. We also took some tomatoes from breakfast and cut up one of the citrons that Salvatore gave us. It was a simple but satisfying dinner with an amazing view. As we had already gone to the only restaurant in Nocelle last night we wanted to relax and do something easy for dinner.