Day 15

Today I wanted to hike the famous Path of the Gods. We had breakfast and then headed out around 10:30 as we knew it would get hotter if we went too late. Most hikers are advised to do the walk from Agerola to Nocelle and not the other way we did. We did it this way because the path pretty much starts near our bnb and Steve’s knees were sore from our walk downhill the day before so he preferred uphill.

There were quite a few hikers along the way we passed from Agerola. There were amazing views you couldn’t see if you didn’t walk. We appreciated the shady parts of forrestry. We packed a nutella roll and nuts in case we needed energy. There was the option to walk downhill

to a town called Priano but we choose not to. I was keen on doing the full hike and we made it 2.5hrs later and feeling accomplished and sweaty 😅

We finally arrived at Agerola and walked into a small town called Bomerano to catch the bus down to Amalfi. We found the bus stop but weren’t sure when the next bus was coming so went into a cafe opposite and asked the owner who said it would be coming at 2:45pm which was a hour and a half wait! We thought about the option of hiking back but then decided to chill at this quiet cafe called Crazy Burger and get some cold water.

After a bit of waiting Steve decided to see if we could get a salad from the cafe. The man came outside and pulled two fresh lettuces for our salad from his garden and brought out a salad with tomatoes and cheese - there was lots of lettuce and a vinegar dressing that was home made. Steve loved the vinegar dressing and soaked some of the bread with it. The owner then gave us a complimentary nutella filled pastry as a dessert. We didn’t have time to eat it as the bus was almost coming so we packed it with us and went to catch the bus finally!

On the way out we were chatting with the owner and we were laughing at how this place is called Crazy Burger but they don’t sell burgers. The owner explained how they started that way but now they just sell food from their own organic crops which is much nicer!

We arrived in Amalfi town after about 40mins. The bus ride followed e long winding road and we were impressed with the skill of the bus driver. There were people everywhere so we knew we had arrived in Amalfi! We went straight to get tickets on the ferry to take us to Positano, and had about 30mins to spare. We explored the cute town, there were lots of touristy shops with lots of lemon goods as well as chilli’s too - they claim this be the natural viagra of Positano!

We decided to find the place to board the ferry earlier as we expected there to be lots of tourists waiting and we weren’t wrong! Luckily we went another way and we ended up at the beginning of the queue and were able to get spots on the top of the ferry outside but in shade. By this time we were pretty tired so it was nice to appreciate the amazing views from the water.

When we arrived in Positano we did another quick grocery shop so we could have dinner the following day in the bnb. We bought the same as last time which was buffalo mozarella, prociutto, sun dried tomatoes and bread. We then waited for the bus and because it was 15mins late the line of people was big and it was crazy to get on the bus, we ended up standing for most of the trip. We were happy to finally make it home after a long day 😀

Carmella had booked us a restaurant in another town called Montepertuso. Il Ritrovo does free shuttle buses to and from the restaurant and so we organized to get picked up and arrive around 7:45pm at the restaurant. The town is about 15mins drive from Nocelle. We decided it would be nice to have a good meal after a big day!

We were greeted with complimentary prosecco and bruchetta. We ordered insalata caprese for entree and for mains Steve ordered a walnut and provolone cheese pasta and I had basil and cherry tomato pasta. Mine was fresh and the pasta was aldente. We had enough room for dessert so we ordered a chocolate fondant (which was amazing) and fruit filled with gelato. They were real fruits skins that had been frozen and filled with ice cream of the same flavour. There was plum, strawberry, walnut, orange and persimmon. It was displayed very cutely. We also got some complimentary limoncello and crema di limone after our dessert and at the end of the night as a complimentary gift they gave us dried chilli’s - Positano’s natural viagra!