Day 16

Today was our last full day here so we wanted to have a more quiet day around our peaceful mountain village of Nocelle and avoid the busy crowds of Positano. We went down for breakfast at around 9am then back up to the room to lounge around and enjoy the view from our balcony for a bit.

In the afternoon we thought we should probably get out for a bit and enjoy the weather so we decided to walk to the next town of Montepertuso. It was supposedly about a half hour walk but it took us a little over 45 minutes. We were both a little sore from the last two days but thought the small walk would do us well. Bec has sore calf muscles and I have a sore right quadricep from favouring that leg over my slightly doggy left knee.

The walk was nice, it actually covers the last part of the Path of the Gods walk, from where our bnb is we actually got a small head start. After the path we ended up walking along the narrow roads to the township. This is actually where we had dinner last night and as usual the views were stunning!

Once we arrived we just relaxed for half an hour, bought some chocolate at the local shops as a reward for our effort and then started the walk back. It was pretty tiring but much easier than the last two days!

We got back to our room, had a shower and relaxed for a bit before getting our groceries from the fridge from yesterday and eating out on the terrace. This was our last chance to enjoy the sights because tomorrow after breakfast we are heading back to Naples and shortly after we’re off to Spain!