Day 20

Today was a relaxing day, we slept in and took our time, I even had a bath! At around lunch time we were looking for places to eat and decided that instead of going to a tapas place for lunch, we’d go for dinner and just get stuff from the local grocery store and eat at the apartment.

We bought a baguette, jamon, havarti, tomato, blueberries, flat peaches, philadelphia and some chocolate. We also had a little bottle of wine as a gift from our Airbnb host which was a little strong bit quite nice and fruity.

It’s nice to have a quiet day today because tomorrow will be a big day, we’ve organised a day trip to Granada and The Alhambra which is about 3 hours away! That’s 6 hours of transport and 6 hours of guided tours.

The apartment is done up really nicely, it is quite small but has a nice aesthetic to it with hanging hats as bed side lamps, a sewing machine as the dining table and a clean black and white theme with red highlights here and there.

After a relaxing day enjoying the apartment we decided to venture out and go shopping. I wanted to go to Zara and check out other shops before dinner. We both ended up buying clothes and then headed to a recommended tapas bar near the cathedral. We were very impressed with the food and atmosphere. It was packed when we arrived at 9:30pm. We ordered soft shell crab, tuna tataki, iberian pork, octopus and this time could fit in dessert which was a homemade cheesecake. All the dishes were amazing but the pork especially melted in our mouths. At the end of the meal they gave us complimentary cherry liquor. We were a bit disappointed with our meal at the tapas place yesterday (probably because I didn’t feel well and we ordered wrongly) but we were so impressed and planning to try their sister restaurant tomorrow 😋.