Day 24

Today is sadly our last day in Europe! We left this day completely open so we ate the last of our snacks for breakfast at the apartment and then decided to just walk around and enjoy the nice weather before heading back to the cold in Melbourne.

We stumbled upon a cool little alley with lots of pop culturey type shops, there was a shop just selling Harry Potter merchandise, another for Game of Thrones, another for Dragon Ball Z, another for Pop figurines and even one selling nothing but miniature fittings for doll houses including! It’s surprising such focused shops can survive in the heart of Barcelona. We had even seen a shop that sold nothing but rubber ducks earlier too!

We decided to head to the market for lunch, along the way we came across an interesting ice cream place that flattened out stuff and then rolled out up with toppings and fillings, so we got a small one of those and continued on our way.

Back in Seville I had a really tasty cheese called Payoyo so I thought I’d try to find that and after asking a few stalls I found it! I ordered that and some Iberian Jamon which was delicious! Bec ordered an zucchini and pepper omelette.

While we were eating we were approached by someone who invited us to a cannabis club! We turned him down and while we ate our lunch we were reading up on this. It turns out cannabis was decriminalised a while back but it’s not allowed to be sold in shops or used in public, instead you are allowed to partake for personal use in your own home. This means there is a loophole where you can join a club and smoke in a clubhouse which is classified as personal use. This has resulted in a somewhat underground cannabis culture in Barcelona. This also explains why we caught whiffs of it here and there when we were walking through the back streets.

After lunch we decided to head towards the beach. The weather was really nice today so we decided to have a lie down in the park for a bit and then continue to the beach. We ended up getting ice cream (I actually got a frozen yoghurt sandwich) and sitting down at the beach for a bit before walking back to our apartment. We got back around 7:30 to shower and get ready to go out for our final dinner of our trip!

After being in line for about 15 minutes we were getting closer to the front of the line and the waiter told us they don’t accept card and we only had about 20 euro between us so I went in search of an ATM while Bec waited in line.

I was waiting for Steve about 10mins. When he arrived we went on the deal that included 3 tapas under 5 euro and paella. We ordered croquettes, grilled mushrooms and chicken wings. The paella came after the small tapas and it was really nice and quite generous with the seafood. Steve was then quite keen on getting dessert as it’s our last night. We asked for recommendations and ended up ordering creme Catalan which is like a creme brulee and dulce de leche ice cream. It was a great last dinner before our big flight home tomorrow and a great end to our wonderful Euro trip 😍