Day 3

What a great start to day 2, buffet breakfast! We decided to try the breakfast at the restaurant at the lobby as we have 3 places to choose from. We ate a big breakfast and ready to start the day 😁.

We caught the train one stop to Shibuya. It was crowded as usual but this time Hachiko was surrounded in cherry blossoms! There were also a couple of cats nestled in there which attracted a lot of attention.

We aimlessly wondered through a bunch of stores in the station and out on the streets including bic camera (two multistorey buildings of electronics), Uniqlo, a Mega Don Quijote (a massive store that sells everything!) and a bunch of other random ones before taking a break at a cafe.

Recharged from our break, we went to Bic Camera to look at bluetooth keyboards for Steve. After Steve decided we found an arcade and played a ‘washing machine’ game or what Steve referred to it as. It was a music game we need to press and slide around and on the screen to the beat. Then Steve tried a new game that involved playing to the beat but with a keyboard. Gaming is big in Japan so it was fun to give it ago. We then went upstairs to check out their VR games floor. This involved many VR games like a theme park style.

Off to Inokashira we went. I had planned our 2 year celebration at a little restaurant famous for Wagyu for Steve’s gift which is near Inokashira Park which is recommended to view during Spring. We took the train and arrived and it was beautiful! The cherry blossoms were out and quite a few people had set up spots for picnic and viewing of the blossoms. Steve started getting some nice shots and using his camera skills. We walked around the lake taking in the beauty of Sakura season. It was nice in the park as it was still peaceful.

Dinner time! We found the famous restaurant; Kichijouji Satou located above the butcher. They are famous during the day for their deep fried crumbed meatball and when we arrived there was still a line coming from the butcher. We were tempted to try it but decided to save our tummies for the set meal of Matsusaka wagyu (one of the top 3 grades of wagyu in Japan).

We had to climb up very steep stairs and we’re welcomed to a floor that can only fit 18 people. We ordered our set and they cooked it on the teppayaki grill in sight. The meat came with salad, miso, veggies and sauce. Prior to cooking the meat they showed us it uncooked to get our approval. This was one of the best steaks I’ve had. It melted in our mouth.