Day 5

This time for breakfast we went to Victor’s, which is a fancy French restaurant in our hotel on the top floor, which thanks to Rachael was also included!

The food was really nice and we almost had the whole place to ourselves. Bec had yoghurt with berries, French toast and minute steak with an egg and veggies. I had a blueberry smoothie, a really fluffy pancake and the minute steak with egg and veggies too.

The Westin Tokyo
by tram
by train
by tram
by bus

Our journey was around three hours from our Tokyo accommodation to the ryokan in Izu where we’ll spend the next three nights. It’s nice to get out of the city and into the country for a little bit, there’s a big contrast between the two here!

We finally arrived at Tatsuta Ryokan and Bec did a great job speaking Japanese to check us in, booking our breakfast and dinner times and understanding where things are. There are public baths that a separated by gender but there are four private baths which are free to use so long as they are not in use by others at the time.

We got to our room and ate our welcome gift biscuits which where little pig shaped cones with red bean paste inside, drank some tea and got into our yukata before going to find a free bath.

The baths were really nice! We didn’t bring our phones so I can’t upload any photos yet but we’ll probably get some photos next time we go!

After checking out the baths we went to dinner by the river where they set up a kotatsu for us, which is a little table with blankets and a heater built in!

The food was really nice and there was so many little dishes using local ingredients! The highlights were a fish dish that had a really nice, sweet sauce; an amazing sashimi platter and a sweet potato ball in a syrup sauce. We also had some tofu, ochazuke (soupy rice), a prawn, shabu-shabu (hot-pot) and some fruit and cake for dessert. They even have is a couple of onigiri (triangle rice ball with a seaweed wrap) to take back to our room with us. We can’t wait to see what will be for dinner the next 2 nights 😍.