Day 8

Sadly today we had our last breakfast at the Ryokan in Yugashima before checking out. Today was a similar type of breakfast but different egg and side dishes.

After breakfast we checked out and the Ryokan lady drove us to the bus stop to catch our bus. We didn’t wait long at the stop and had just enough time to get a selfie!

by bus
by tram
by train
by tram
MOXY Tokyo Kinshicho

After a few trains, we finally arrived at kinshicho station and walked to our hotel. This one is quite different too, it’s much more modern and a bit hipster. The ground floor has a bar on one side and a working/reading/playing area on the other that resembles a modern startup office.

We checked in (at the bar), dropped our stuff off in our room and went back to the bar for our complimentary drink and played some retro video games. Our room is on the top floor (10th) and is quite spacious for a Tokyo hotel. It’s not quite as big as our room in The Westin but that is very rare!

We then decided to explore the area and first stop was Taito game arcade. Last time Steve was in Tokyo he played a game called Jubeat and has been on the search for it. We found it in Taito arcade and although there was someone in front of us we waited so Steve could give it a go!

After a couple of games we went to a grocery store and went a bit crazy on buying tea and senbei back for gifts. We decided it would be better to go back to the hotel and drop off all the goods.

Finally we went in search for dinner. I wasn’t sure what I wanted but when we saw the soba shop we knew this was it! Steve had a set of cold soba and unagidon, I had a set of cold soba and tendon. As it was our second last night we decided to try dessert at ‘Nana Desserts’, which specialises in matcha desserts. I had a matcha dessert with jelly, red bean paste and mochi and Steve had the same but instead of green tea ice cream it had vanilla soft serve.