Taiwan and Vietnam


Day 2

Waiting for our room to be ready

We picked up our prepaid SIM cards (purchased through klook) from the airport, withdrew some cash, bought bus tickets and finally arrived at our hotel.

The only catch is we’re here early so we have to wait a few hours for the room to be ready.

May as well nap while we wait for our room hopefully it won’t be too much longer…

And we’re still waiting so we decided to go for a walk after Steve’s nap. We stumbled across a little park and Steve wanted to do some exercise 💪

We were recommended this place by a work colleague, it opened at 11am but the queue was already down the street.

After about 15 minutes of waiting we were able to get a seat upstairs and our food came out quickly.

The beef noodles were so good! The meat just melted in our mouths and the soup was full of flavour! A great first meal in Taiwan!

The queue for Yong Kang Beef Noodles

We visited the National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall and did lots of walking!

We checked in to our hotel and chilled there for a bit before going to Raohe Night Market in the Songshan District

After walking around for a bit, we settled on these dishes for dinner

We ate a chicken skewer, chicken wing stuffed with rice, grilled squid with a watermelon juice to wash it down, followed by some peanut, sesame and red bean mochi and finally the famous pepper pork buns

So many smells and flavours in one place!