Taiwan and Vietnam


Day 5

Chef Hung

Went to a nearby beef noodle place before heading to Yangmingshan Tien Lai Resort for hot springs and relaxation 😍

Getting to Yangmingshan

We took two trains to get to Taipei main station where we spent a bit of time trying to find the right bus terminal and then caught a 2pm bus that took around an hour and a half directly to our resort.

Tienlai Resort

We arrived at our resort and after a brief introduction from the staff we dropped off our stuff in our room and went to explore the outdoor hot springs area.

The first area is an indoor section that looks like a kids playground with a waterslide just outside but as we continued to walk around we got to see just how nice this place is.

There were small, more intimate baths facing out to the mountains and bigger, more communal pools with soft lights lighting everything up.

Dinner at Khan restaurant

There are only two restaurant choices at the resort, Khan which serves asian food and The Blue Magpie which serves western food.

We chose Khan and ordered two of the recommended dishes from the menu, braised pork rib and fried prawns with fruit.

The pork was quite nice and just melted off the bone, the prawns however were a bit unusual. They came with fruit so it is more of a dessert dish but they had 100s and 1000s sprinkled over the top with mayo. I’ve never had that combo before! Even though it was a little strange, it was quite nice.

There was also a small dessert bar that was open for us to pick from and after we finished our meal we were served complimentary watermelon and honeydew melon.

After dinner we went back to our room to relax. Our room has its own hot spring bath so once we worked out how to regulate the water (there were three taps!) we spent the night soaking in the mineral water.