Taiwan and Vietnam


Day 7

Back to the city

Today we leave the quiet, misty Yangmingshan and head back to the bustling city.

We loaded up on food at the buffet and waited for the bus to arrive.

It has been raining and misty the whole time we were at Yangmingshan but as soon as we got down to regular altitude, we realised the low hanging cloud was likely the reason and luckily the city wasn’t affected so we could still walk to our hotel with our luggage easily!

The mountains covered by low hanging cloud in the distance, like where we were!

Once we arrived back in the city, we went past a bakery that we stopped by on the way up and ordered a couple of pineapple buns, which are basically the same as melon pan in Japan, neither of which contain any fruit but the name is supposed to resemble the way it looks. Last time we didn’t have time to wait for fresh ones to be ready by this we’re here in the lunch hour and they had plenty on hand. They were very tasty, basically just really sweet, soft bread with a crunchy, crispy crust and lots of butter inside!

Xingtian Temple

After having a rest in our hotel room we decided to head out. We dropped by Xingtian Temple which was a 15 minute walk from our hotel and the most visited temple in the North of Taiwan. There was a big line for what seemed like lucky paper and also a line for people to get blessed in the temple.

Shilin Night Market

We then made our way to the MRT station to head to Shilin night market. It was a big market with lots of different shops and food. We decided to first try grilled mushrooms, bbq chicken bits, home-made mochi, banana and nutella roti and sugar cane juice.

Fried cheese and bread coated sausage

We saw an interesting food stall while walking around the market. Steve wasn’t sure if he wanted it and we guessed it was a fried cheese stick. There was a line and it looked popular. After walking around the market Steve decided he did want that snack so we walked back looking for the stall. Steve ordered one for himself and we realized there was a sausage in the middle with cheese and bread that is deep fried. Steve was in heaven 💙