Taiwan and Vietnam


Day 15

Final breakfast

We were able to finally sleep in a little more and headed down a bit later for our final breakfast. We both decided to get omelette’s and some fruit and tid bits from the buffet.

We then went back to the room to finish up packing in preparation for check-out later.

Replacing Rob’s bag

The bag Rob bought yesterday had a small hole in it which he only realised today and they had to leave this morning before the store opened. We awoke to some messages from them asking to see if we can exchange the bag and that they had left it at reception.

After checking out, settling the bill and booking a driver for our trip to the airport later we took the bag and walked in the direction of the shop which was about 15 minutes walk away. When we got there we told the guy in the shop and he let us exchange it and this time we did a thorough check. The bag with the hole he just hung back on the shelf for the next person!

Final lunch: Bun bo nam bo

The shop was about 10 minutes away from the lunch place the restaurant and my colleague recommended. It served bun bo which is a beef rice vermicelli salad. We got a table straight away on the second floor. The place was pretty basic inside and I could easily touch the ceiling of the second floor. The food came out straight away and we were both pretty satisfied 😊.