Kuala Lumpur and Hong Kong


Day 3

Today was my last full day in KL so I wanted to make the most of it.
After getting breakfast I had a quick chat with the tourism person at my hotel and got a cab to the KL Bird Park.

The bird park is made up of many large walk-in free-flight aviaries. The scenery was spectacular - you share the paths and gardens with a wide variety of birds walking and flying in every direction. As you walk through the various zones the paths take you past ponds and waterfalls with informational signs at every main attraction.

Most of the birds are free to roam around the aviary with the tourists, but there are also quiet a smaller aviaries that are not available to walk through. These generally housed birds such as owls, eagles and hawks.

There were some speciality aviaries too, such as the Waterfall Aviary and the Flamingo Lake.

I also got to see one of the bird shows, where they had the smarter species, such as parrots and the Australian Cockatoo, to do tricks such as riding a bike, mathematics, races.

They also got volunteers form the audience to hold food up (on sticks) and let the eagles come swooping in and take the food - which was pretty impressive! They’re really fast!

After that I headed to the KL Butterfly Park. They wouldn’t let me bring my tripod in, and they charged me an extra Ringgit to bring my camera, but I’m glad I bought my macro lens - it was a macro playground!

There were butterfly’s everywhere and like the bird park there were rainforest like environments with waterfalls and stone paths winding around dense gardens.

Around the park were feeding areas where there was sweet fruit left on stands which was the perfect lure to get get a good  shot.

Naturally in environments like this, butterfly’s are not the only insects around, although they were the most common.

The rain was about to start, so ’ I grabbed my tripod back of the evil gatekeepers and got a cab to Petalling Street (aka China Town). By this time the rain was quite heavy, luckily the main stretch of the China Town Flea Market in under cover.

This market had everything from souvenirs, bootleg DVD’s and toys, to fresh produce, restaurants and massage parlours.

I did a couple of hours of walking around and shopping, got some food ($3) and a massage ($8) and got a cab to KL Tower.
Everyday at about 5:00PM it would start raining and the roads became a traffic jam, this sort of regularity is hard to believe for an Aussie, but it was pretty accurate. Due to this peak hour the taxi fares all go up too which is understandable as they dont really make much money.

At the top of KL Tower I was given a headset and video player to get an explanation of what I was looking at. This was pretty good, I’d recommend dong this early because they do give you an idea of what to see in KL. At the time I was here, it was quite foggy, but the view was still pretty good.

You can also get a pretty good view of the Petronas Towers from here too. The reflections and fog made it a bit hard to get a killer shot, but great to look at.

Because I bought an “Adventure Ticket” for KL Tower which included the tour of the tower, a pony ride (which I skipped), a Formula One simulator (which was a computer screen and keyboard sitting on a race car shell) and entry to the KL Tower Zoo. The Zoo was kinda lame after seeing the bird and butterfly parks, but they had quite a bit all things considered - and ’ I got my photo taken with an Aussie Cockatoo.

After this I got another cab back to Jalan Alor (aka “Food street”) - which is famous for its “Hawker Stalls”. Its a massive night market where the tables fill the streets and there are way more people than cars! It was a pretty cool environment. I got some fried squid and really cold strawberry slurpy-like thing and walked back to my hotel.

As I did quite a bit in this day, I didnt get a chance to write this post until the next day. My flight to Hong Kong was the perfect time!